Blasted Lanterns, Candelabras & Sconces 

 Lawn Mower Deck Blasted & Primed

Fat Spoke Rims

 Spot Blasted Commercial Columns

Semi Truck Chassis Blasted To Bare Metal  

Freshly Blasted '55 Chevrolet Body





​Vehicle Sub Frames Blasted to Bare Metal




 '32 Ford Hood Blasted & Ready For Louvering

Cast Iron Kettle & Pan Before & After Being Freshly Blasted Inside & Out    


 1960's Chevy Truck Hood

 Toy Pedal Car Before & Then After Blasting & Priming

  Antique Sewing Machine Stand Before, & After Freshly Blasted & Primed


 Commercial Blasting 

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  Freshen Up Your Metal Items!

​Gym Lockers Being Processed

​We Blast All Types of Metal Furniture! 

 Fireplace Surround - BEFORE - Then AFTER Blasting & Painting

Go Kart Frame After Blasting & Priming    


 Lincoln Rear End Blasted & Primed Black

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 280 Pound Solid Cast Iron Statue - Before, During and After  Blasting & Priming



 Freshly Blasted & Primed



Sweeper Truck Interior & Truck Beds, Blasted & Primed

Blasted To Bare Metal & Shrink Wrapped 

  Freshly Blasted '49 Truck Cab


 Cypress Stumps & Slabs For Rustic Table, Before & Then After Blasting

 1965 Barracuda BEFORE Blasting

 Aluminum T-Top Freshly Blasted

Vintage Wagon Wheels

Mustang Body Being Processed

​Dean's Sandblasting

 For Proper Surface Preparation Call Dean's! 

Rolling Chassis Before & After Being Freshly Blasted And

​Painted Gloss Black  


Vehicles, ​Auto & Truck Parts

Sandblasting Charleston SC Area

Antique Golf Cart Frame Blasted & Primed on Pallet

 8' Tall Patio Arbor with benches - BEFORE & Then AFTER Blasted, Primed & Painted Gloss White

 V W Hood After Blasting & Priming

Freshly Blasted Planter  

   Bring Us Porch

  Gliders, Swings

& Rocking Chairs!

Wire Spoke and Stamped Rims

Concrete Wall Fountain Blasted & Primed

4' Long, Hand Forged Steel Hinges, Freshly Blasted

Garden                    Table  

We Provide Decorative, as well as Basic Frosting Services on Glass & Mirrors 

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> If you can Bring it - DEAN'S can Blast it! <

After Verdigris Finish is Applied

& After Re-attachment to Garden Wall, with Refinished​ "Lions Head" Water Spigot.

(Garden Wall Photo Courtesy of Homeowner)

Freshly Blasted Boat Interior



 Railing - After Blasting & Priming

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 1965 Barracuda AFTER a Clean Blast - Front & Rear Photos

 Steel Work Bench Blasted & Painted Gloss Gray

​Trans Am Sub Frame


Vehicle Push Bar Blasted & Primed  

 We Freshly Blast All Styles of Wheel Rims!

Blasted, Primed & Painted Utility Trailer

 Metal Bird Bath Stand

Commercial Gates

   Bed Frames

Machined Aluminum Rims

 Truck Bed Interior Blasted & Primed

Dean's Sandblasting

Address:   1268 State Rd.

Summerville, S.C., 29483​​

​*​Charleston Benches

 Falcon Body, After Blasting & Priming

​Tailgate Freshly Blasted to Bare Metal


 Vintage Barn Weathervanes